Magnetic Phone Charger Cord



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The Magnetic Phone Charger Cord allows you to charge your devices with ease through the magnetic cable that can stretch and roll up with ease. Removes the need for ugly charging cords that take up valuable space. Fits any environment: Room, Kitchen, Car, anywhere !


No ugly cables: Made with premium magnets around the sturdy cable, which ensures that the cable rolls up each and every time, saving space and removing ugly charging cords whilst making it easy to stretch when needing to charge.

magnetic phone charger cord

Luxurious aesthetic: Minimal and sleek industrial design cable that are is to look just as amazing as your devices.

magnetic phone charger cord

Compatible: Available in different sizes and lengths, suitable for any room / workspace.

magnetic phone charger cord

Future proof: Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, ensuring the fastest possible power output to charge your phone up to twice as fast as regular charging cables.

magnetic phone charger cord

Package Includes:

- 1x Magnetic Phone Charger Cord

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